The Start

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What if I just started Noiselessly as a bird upon waking Taking flight Across the ill-lit sky. No-one watching the flutter Of brittle wings Arcing in the cold air Remembering how to move. What if I didn't worry About the articulation Or the perfection Or the catastrophe. What if I dared to express The unknowable joy The unspoken Continue Reading

The Details

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Sometimes I read pieces of writing and I'm struck with how they start with such effortlessness. Just there, out of the blue, beauty begins. And I follow. Finding a place to start is the hardest task for a writer. The first sentence cannot be found by waiting for it to drop into your head. One must write for awhile before it emerges. Like sifting Continue Reading

The Last Day of the Year

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It's the last day of the year!  A day of reflection. There's this need in our human psyche to cleanse ourselves of the old, and to beckon the new. But when you think about it, tomorrow is just another ordinary day. Even so, I can't help but feel another curtain of history is closing. Tomorrow we shall wake up to something magically Continue Reading

Lost Things

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It was last seen somewhere between late evening and the old wooden desk. In that inarticulate pause connecting time and space, it slipped out of her reach. The search was in its fourth year. She knew it was somewhere in the splinters of the house. It was a journal, covered in the blue of a peacock feather, bordered by filigrees of gold. It was Continue Reading

What’s Your Story?

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Everyone has a story. It’s a little light in our souls, like a flickering candle that keeps reminding us we’re alive. Some people are happy to keep their stories to themselves. And then there’s writers, artists, bloggers... the people who express their stories to the world. This time last year I read a blog post that gave me the balls to Continue Reading

Good Things

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Come with me... let's talk of happy things. You may have noticed I write about sad and heavy things quite often. It's what I've needed to do. I've had a lot on my mind in the last few years. I didn't set out to be a sad blogger - just a real one. But there is light and fun and good things in my life too. I just find them harder to write Continue Reading

Rescue Mission

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February bulged at the seams. It bulged so much that the writing part of my brain didn’t have room to move. There was the usual busy stuff – like dashing around with my kids, paying bills, and trying to remember the birthdays of 8 important people in my life. (Because clearly they must be born all in the same month for no compelling reason). And Continue Reading

Wings On Fire

Sense of Sight

I've grown wings. Magnificent wings. They’re rich and lustrous. And if you stand just the right way in the sunlight, they shimmer. They weren’t always this big. It wasn’t long ago when I noticed them on my back. Little buds bursting after a long winter. Expanding in the summer heat. When I turned my head to glance at them I noticed how Continue Reading

The Life of Pi

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It's still with me. I watched the Life of Pi two days ago and I can't stop thinking about it. By night it flashes through the filmy velvet of my dreams. By day my head is a rapturous kaleidoscope of luminous fish and sweet Indian music. And my heart is still breaking for the tears of Pi. I read the book five years ago. Yann Martel not only Continue Reading

The Best Of 2012


It's the last day of the year and I'm feeling all reckless and reflective. And why not? So prepare yourself for lashings of self-indulgence and a dash of nostalgia. I had one big goal for 2012 - and that was to refine the hell out of my writing. And I'm secretly pleased with how I went! Pumping out creative posts every week is no mean feat. And Continue Reading