Festivus for the Restivus


Every Christmas Mr G threatens to launch into our own version of Festivus. It seems to follow a grumpy slump around the end of November. Or perhaps it coincides with my sudden shopping frenzy and the need to take endless Christmas photos of our children. I don't blame him for wanting to escape the madness of Christmas. In our family Christmas Continue Reading

Writer’s Block

quote 11

Have you ever had writer's block? I've had a terrible case of it in the last weeks. It’s not because my head is congested with a terrible lurgi. It's something else. I think it may be stage fright. Just when I’ve finally created the blog I’ve always wanted, I'm suddenly paralysed by fear. It feels so beautiful and perfect in here... so Continue Reading

A Post about Nothing


I have a feeling that this is one of those Seinfeld posts... a post about nothing. No deep insights, no clever meanings, no heavy introspection. I'm going to spare myself (and you?.. whoever you are) of that kind of thing. I like the details. I think details should be celebrated. Today had some great details. Everyday ordinary Continue Reading