Wings On Fire

Sense of Sight

I've grown wings. Magnificent wings. They’re rich and lustrous. And if you stand just the right way in the sunlight, they shimmer. They weren’t always this big. It wasn’t long ago when I noticed them on my back. Little buds bursting after a long winter. Expanding in the summer heat. When I turned my head to glance at them I noticed how Continue Reading

The Life of Pi

Life of pie 2

It's still with me. I watched the Life of Pi two days ago and I can't stop thinking about it. By night it flashes through the filmy velvet of my dreams. By day my head is a rapturous kaleidoscope of luminous fish and sweet Indian music. And my heart is still breaking for the tears of Pi. I read the book five years ago. Yann Martel not only Continue Reading

Getting On With The Show

blog ms 015

Are you still here? I hope so. I’ve been away again. I can’t tell you how many times I sat down in the last few weeks and willed my brain to type a post. Blank screen. Every time. Unbloggable events continue to unfold in my life. But I think I’m slowly emerging from this funk. Even if I could legally write about the truth, some of it is too Continue Reading

The Boy


As soon as I saw the ultrasound screen, I knew.  I didn’t need to wait for the sonographer to tell me. I could see it was a boy. Which meant it wasn’t a girl. And all I wanted was a girl. It was wrong to want a gender so badly, wasn’t it? A healthy baby was all you needed. I was lucky enough to already have a girl. Some people don’t get Continue Reading



I wanted to scrawl these words on the toilet door of the shiny new building. To christen it. To bring a scrap of reality. But I’ve never been cool enough to graffiti. Or witty enough. And out of respect for Olivia Newton-John, I didn’t. It was her building. And I was grateful to her for donating it to the hospital. I also wanted to scrawl them Continue Reading

Climbing the Hill


Climbing the hill. Wind whistling through my ears. Pulling me higher. Each foothold more slippery than the last. The winter sun slices through me as it hits the ground. It crashes into a million pieces of light, reflecting off the hill like a giant beacon that no-one will see. Nearly there. Heart pumping. Bones shaking. Staring down the Continue Reading

Do You Remember?

A memory emerges, naked in the luminous light. Warmly unfolding as fresh as the moment it first happened. I have many of these kinds of memories. Beautiful and crisp. When they are triggered in my brain it’s like mellow wine entering the bloodstream. They differ from the run of the mill recollection of details. Or the quaint or the comical.  The Continue Reading

Getting Radical


I’ve come back from the Digital Parents Blogging Conference with a bounce in my step. The session that stood out a mile was ‘Blogging is a Radical Act’. Moderated by Catherine Archer, who is doing a thesis in ‘mummy blogging’, the panel of three were Eden Riley, Beth Macdonald, and Nathalie Brown. The only problem with this session is that it Continue Reading

I’m Sorry

Hothouse Flowers

Edenland's Fresh Horses post this week is a series of sentences starting with "Sorry". If you go over to Eden's post (and if you haven't, you should, it's compelling), you'll see it's nothing about apologies at all. It's about power. As women, as humans, we're stuck in an insidious spiral of apology. There's nothing wrong with being humble Continue Reading