More Light

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The days are getting lighter. It's the eve of summer. The days are stretching. The nights are compressing. More light. From as far as I can remember I have always loved light. Is there a more powerful image than light? Light conquering darkness. Light falling through a window. Lanterns twinkling in the night. I've written about light here and Continue Reading

Lost Things

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It was last seen somewhere between late evening and the old wooden desk. In that inarticulate pause connecting time and space, it slipped out of her reach. The search was in its fourth year. She knew it was somewhere in the splinters of the house. It was a journal, covered in the blue of a peacock feather, bordered by filigrees of gold. It was Continue Reading


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Today one of my favourite poets, Seamus Heaney, has died. This news may not ripple too far from Ireland, but the sadness has registered to my poetic heart all the way over here in Australia. He was a Nobel Prize winner. A poetic genius. He profoundly influenced a generation of Irish artists, musicians and writers. And he profoundly influenced Continue Reading

I Want to Run


I want to run. Headlong in to the wind. Into the far mile of my dreams. Into the open arms of wildness. Where it whispers to me, Set your spirit free. I once met wildness. It hit me when I turned at the cliffs. Where land swept down to frothing sea. The jagged edge of Ireland. Tucked deep into her winter Continue Reading

A Sense of Wonder

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It doesn't matter how modern and technocentric we get, we'll always need poetry. As long as we haven't morphed into cyborgs, as long as we’re human, we’ll yearn for it. Even if it's not your cup of tea, I believe it is essential to remind us of another way of looking at the world. I use poetry to soothe my heart and light up my brain. To me it Continue Reading

The Shape of a Life


Our lives take a shape. A circle of unique history. A sequence of DNA entwined with time. A string of events and experiences. Memory chains and secrets. Curling into our heart chambers. Inhaling and exhaling. Creating who we are. :::::: Moments of love and fear. Pride and shame. Darkness and light. Bliss and pain. Imprinting the course Continue Reading

Your Body, Your Gift

Renoir The Bather

Your body. A mind-blowing miracle. An intelligent design. A sharp piece of machinery. A self-healing vessel. A house for your soul. A thing of beauty. It’s your gift. :::::: Fooled by its youthful resilience. We forget it's a gift. We become so brazen. We become invincible. We take risks. We pretend it's not Continue Reading