In the Dark

Luka Bloom2 503

When the music started I sank into my seat in the dark. It only took a second for my heart to unhinge from its axis. From there I was free. There’s something very liberating about going to a concert alone. I saw Luka Bloom play two weeks ago. It’s the treat I give myself every two years when he tours. Twenty years later and I keep going back for Continue Reading

An Inconvenient Grief


I've been working on this post all week. Grief is proving so tricky to articulate. I've been so exhausted by it that I thought there was no way I could rise up to join with Edenland's Fresh Horses link up this weekend as well. Eden must be beautifully psychic or something because her topic this week is Funeral Songs. Ah perfect! I hope my post Continue Reading

A Beautiful World


I buried my Luka today. Most nights recently I've complained that my lap is full. Full of babies. Full of burden. No room for Luka. How things change so quickly in 4 days. My lap is empty tonight. :::::: Those lilies. I wasn't thinking. I asked for lilies for my birthday. Those lilies. They poisoned his poor little Continue Reading