The Butterfly Wall

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There is a wall on a building on the other side of the city. It is covered in a mural of butterflies and cocoons. It bursts with colour and life. We've been going to this building quite a bit lately. We go there for appointments to get some help for my boy. He's struggling a bit in life. And I'm his mum, so I do all I can do to help him. He's Continue Reading

Her Last Day

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Death is at your doorstep And it will steal your innocence But it will not steal your substance But you are not alone in this You are not alone in this .... we will stand and we’ll hold your hand Hold your hand.                             ~ Timshell, Mumford and Sons Last night our beautiful dog Rosie died. I am Continue Reading

The Last Day of the Year

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It's the last day of the year!  A day of reflection. There's this need in our human psyche to cleanse ourselves of the old, and to beckon the new. But when you think about it, tomorrow is just another ordinary day. Even so, I can't help but feel another curtain of history is closing. Tomorrow we shall wake up to something magically Continue Reading


Cutting cake a

We're one but we're not the same. We get to carry each other carry each other. ~ U2 It was our wedding anniversary yesterday. Eleven years. We've done so much in that time. We've lived through leukaemia. We've bought a home. We've had two children. We've lived through more illness. We've renovated. We've travelled. We've danced. Continue Reading

Little Lion Part 4

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Little lion wakes up next to me every morning. His little body curls into mine just like the day he was born. I still remember that day. How I carried him to my bed, an hour old. How he tucked himself into the crook of my arm. It was like we’d known each other for a lifetime. I knew how to carry him. He knew how to fit. Four years later and Continue Reading

I Won’t Forget September is Your Birthday

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My grandma was like a warm spring breeze. So refreshing and always ready to caress you. She would greet you at her front door with a trademark ‘Hull-ooooh!’,  followed by a squeeze so tight you almost felt your lungs would never recover. I adored being swept up in that exuberant love. The day my grandma died I said, “This morning the world seems Continue Reading

The Girl and The Tree


My husband and my daughter planted a tree together last year. It was her tree. It was gnarly bare all winter long.  And then surprisingly on a late winter’s day, it blossomed. On her birthday. There was something about that girl and that tree. All synced in an intangible chord of nature. From then on she called it her ‘blossom tree’. This Continue Reading


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Where are you now, Grandma? I see you softly drifting on the brink, curling into the filmy line between this world and the next. Today I said good-bye to you for the last time. Inadequate and impossible.  How does anyone express the enormity of a lifetime of love? The vastness of gratitude? All whittled down to tender whispers and gentle Continue Reading

The Life of Pi

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It's still with me. I watched the Life of Pi two days ago and I can't stop thinking about it. By night it flashes through the filmy velvet of my dreams. By day my head is a rapturous kaleidoscope of luminous fish and sweet Indian music. And my heart is still breaking for the tears of Pi. I read the book five years ago. Yann Martel not only Continue Reading

The Mark of a Man


We celebrate Father's Day simply because the father of my children is the most devoted father I know. To not acknowledge this - even on an over-commercialised day - would be remiss. This year we had even more reason to stop and appreciate him. This year he has sacrificed himself for us more than any person should have to. He has endured pressure Continue Reading