In the Dark

Luka Bloom2 503

When the music started I sank into my seat in the dark. It only took a second for my heart to unhinge from its axis. From there I was free. There’s something very liberating about going to a concert alone. I saw Luka Bloom play two weeks ago. It’s the treat I give myself every two years when he tours. Twenty years later and I keep going back for Continue Reading

Do You Remember?

A memory emerges, naked in the luminous light. Warmly unfolding as fresh as the moment it first happened. I have many of these kinds of memories. Beautiful and crisp. When they are triggered in my brain it’s like mellow wine entering the bloodstream. They differ from the run of the mill recollection of details. Or the quaint or the comical.  The Continue Reading

I Want to Run


I want to run. Headlong in to the wind. Into the far mile of my dreams. Into the open arms of wildness. Where it whispers to me, Set your spirit free. I once met wildness. It hit me when I turned at the cliffs. Where land swept down to frothing sea. The jagged edge of Ireland. Tucked deep into her winter Continue Reading

I’m Sorry

Hothouse Flowers

Edenland's Fresh Horses post this week is a series of sentences starting with "Sorry". If you go over to Eden's post (and if you haven't, you should, it's compelling), you'll see it's nothing about apologies at all. It's about power. As women, as humans, we're stuck in an insidious spiral of apology. There's nothing wrong with being humble Continue Reading

Dear Bono


A letter I wrote back on May 10th. Sorry, Bono - a belated birthday message to you. Dear Bono, Happy Birthday! I know you don’t remember my birthday or know who I am. We’ve met a handful of times but our conversations never get finished. You’re a busy man, I know. All that rock n’rolling and orchestrating world peace. I’m quite busy these Continue Reading