A Sort Of Homecoming

Bali 094 blog

  The frogs and the cicadas were so loud I thought they were at the foot of my bed. I imagined them hanging from the mosquito net, even though it was absurd. But anything seemed possible in this place. On the other side of the window the rice field gurgled like a giggling baby. Within this cheerful symphony I drifted off to sleep. It Continue Reading

The Epiphany of Home

snowdome blog

I’m popping in to give a quick update. Not my usual kind of post, but I am time poor and adventure rich. Let me attempt to recap how we ended up right here, right now. A month or so back I wrote about my longing for home. It was intense, melancholic, urgent. I had reached a mysterious indefinable limit. I didn’t realise it then, but I was so Continue Reading


674 blog

I moved to Melbourne 11 years ago. In that time I married Mr G, survived leukaemia, gave birth to 2 children, and tried most resolutely to make a home for myself. It looks nice. The people are nice. There's some good things about it. It looks deceptively like home. But after all these years, it's still doesn't feel like home. Before this I was Continue Reading

Climbing the Hill


Climbing the hill. Wind whistling through my ears. Pulling me higher. Each foothold more slippery than the last. The winter sun slices through me as it hits the ground. It crashes into a million pieces of light, reflecting off the hill like a giant beacon that no-one will see. Nearly there. Heart pumping. Bones shaking. Staring down the Continue Reading



Bad - U2 (video link) If you twist and turn away If you tear yourself in two again If I could, you know I would If I could I would Let it go Surrender Dislocate Bono speaks to me. In song. He has for 25 years now. I told a fellow blogger this the other day. I told them that Bono sang those words about her. I think he sang Continue Reading