Late Night

Listening to the song. Again and again. The spell it has on me. Rain in the moonlight. Steady drumming of my heart. Unbroken humming. Sweet breaths of sleep creep under the door. Alone at last. Curling into the sacred corner of the night. To be awake. To be still. To be free. To rise and soar. And remember no more. Hold me in Continue Reading



Within the walls of this house lies a secret world. If I had set up a camera to take time-lapse pictures inside our home every day for the last four years it would show a house steadily imploding with clutter. Now it stands like an ancient city. Hidden under layers and layers of matter. Layers and layers of time. Each layer reveals splinters Continue Reading

Advance Australia Fair?


"I struggle with celebrating a day that a bunch of 'boat' people came and took over a land - sorry to our indigenous brothers and sisters - and then now won't let any other 'boat' people come ashore - sorry to our refugee/ asylum seeking brothers and sisters. I'm still very happy to be an Aussie, just not as proud of it today". The above is a Continue Reading