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The rain started at 4am. A tender thread of water only lasting a few minutes, but it’s tiny patter on the roof was enough to comfort my heart. It woke me from my heavy-eyed thoughts, a clanky reel replaying the last few days. Days filled with fevers, rigors and a throat that burnt like the sun. Days where time was a jellylike substance. Saturday Continue Reading

Hello Brightness

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  Hello brightness. Little fireflies glowing at my window. Smouldering tinsel in the tender light of dawn. Noiseless in the aching wind. I see you there. Sequin-like in the fog. Digging out of the heaviness of my bones. Rising through blood and fear. Gently unpinning head from heart. Is this how change reveals itself? A Continue Reading

The Penguin That Swam Away

Leopard Seal

Do you know this picture? It’s taken by wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum. A leopard seal and a penguin in the Antarctic Sea. I find myself having so many reactions to it. In awe of the power of the leopard seal. In grief for the fate of the penguin. I showed it to my daughter. She’s only four. I explained the photo might be a bit scary. Continue Reading

Wings On Fire

Sense of Sight

I've grown wings. Magnificent wings. They’re rich and lustrous. And if you stand just the right way in the sunlight, they shimmer. They weren’t always this big. It wasn’t long ago when I noticed them on my back. Little buds bursting after a long winter. Expanding in the summer heat. When I turned my head to glance at them I noticed how Continue Reading

Going Anyway

In my 20's I travelled the world. I never baulked at jumping on a plane or planting my feet on unfamiliar soil. I had navigated hundreds of airports since I was a kid. I was a global citizen. It was second nature to me. I was fearless. Something changed when I got cancer 8 years ago. Cancer isn't just an event that happens for a few months while Continue Reading

Wild Bear


When she was born I became a wild bear. She was my cub and I’d do anything to protect her. I guarded her day and night in the dark woods. It was then that it suddenly made sense. That my mother was a wild bear once too. Though her dark woods were so bleak and scary that I struggle to imagine how she did it. My mother raised her cubs in Continue Reading

Sitting on a Fence

Desmond Tutu

There’s nothing more infuriating to me than a fence-sitter. You know, someone who prefers to say nothing or do nothing when it comes to having an opinion about things that matter. Someone who doesn't speak up for what is right and what is wrong. On the other hand, give me someone who has the guts to stand up for injustice, and I'll shake Continue Reading

On Courage


I’ve been thinking a lot about courage. Maybe because right now I really want some. Need some. I'm not talking about bravery. I think there's a sublte difference. I'm not talking about a soldier or a hero. I'm seeking plain old every day personal courage. It's a word that seems to have lost its zing. It pops up in clichés and platitudes so Continue Reading