The Last Day of the Year

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It's the last day of the year!  A day of reflection. There's this need in our human psyche to cleanse ourselves of the old, and to beckon the new. But when you think about it, tomorrow is just another ordinary day. Even so, I can't help but feel another curtain of history is closing. Tomorrow we shall wake up to something magically Continue Reading

Our Town

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"... A place. A radiant, many-layered, slightly magical place, as achingly real and yet just out-of-reach as a dream you start to forget as soon as you wake up. A place set off in glorious isolation from the rest of the world, but urgently alive with its own rules. its own memories, its own secrets. " That's how Pulitzer Prize-winning TV critic Continue Reading

A Gruffalo Party

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Today we had a Gruffalo party. My son turned 4 yesterday. The most favourite thing in the world to this 4 year old is the Gruffalo. So when it came to his party it was only fitting we entered the world of the deep dark wood. Inspired by my boy's passion and imagination, I embraced all things Gruffalo. He made sure I remained true to the Continue Reading

The Pancake Artist

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I am married to a pancake artist. Like many dads, he likes to make pancakes for his kids on Saturday mornings. But lately he doesn’t make just your average pancake. All sorts of shapes have been adorning the plates. Cats, rabbits, dinosaurs, ninja turtles. Shapes designed to put smiles on our faces. A few weeks ago we were impressed with Continue Reading

The Thing About Mother’s Day

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The thing about Mother's Day is that people get annoyed by all the hype and commercialism. I do too. But this doesn't make me want to boycott it altogether. Because the idea of Mother's Day is actually a lovely one when you think about it. One day a year to celebrate mothers in the world. Old mothers, tired mothers, single mothers, lonely Continue Reading

Little Lion Part 2

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The story will start with details too heavy for your tiny mind to hold. From the dark pit where I pleaded for your life and mine. Just moments before you split away from my body and first took breath. Up from the water, into the new morning. Surrounded by blood, and pain, and love. And an ache that would not go away. The story will roll Continue Reading

The Mark of a Man


We celebrate Father's Day simply because the father of my children is the most devoted father I know. To not acknowledge this - even on an over-commercialised day - would be remiss. This year we had even more reason to stop and appreciate him. This year he has sacrificed himself for us more than any person should have to. He has endured pressure Continue Reading

A Good Man


My Dad. Unique doesn't even begin to explain him. Let me try again: Honourable. Humble. Generous. Gracious. Confident. Eccentric. Hilarious. Clever. Other words that describe my dad: Without vanity. Without ego. Full of integrity. A good man. I'm thinking about him because today is his 70th Birthday. :::::: When Dad was 29 he took Continue Reading

Festivus for the Restivus


Every Christmas Mr G threatens to launch into our own version of Festivus. It seems to follow a grumpy slump around the end of November. Or perhaps it coincides with my sudden shopping frenzy and the need to take endless Christmas photos of our children. I don't blame him for wanting to escape the madness of Christmas. In our family Christmas Continue Reading

Happy World Breastfeeding Week

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I'ts World Breastfeeding Week!  (August 1-7, 2011) A great opportunity to celebrate breastfeeding throughout the world. And for me personally, it’s a timely reminder of the beautiful part breastfeeding has played in my life over the last 3 years. Firstly, let me say that I love breastfeeding. I love how it benefits babies, mothers, and the Continue Reading