Rescue Mission

Blog 137

February bulged at the seams. It bulged so much that the writing part of my brain didn’t have room to move. There was the usual busy stuff – like dashing around with my kids, paying bills, and trying to remember the birthdays of 8 important people in my life. (Because clearly they must be born all in the same month for no compelling reason). And Continue Reading

The Great Leap Forward


"Start your own revolution and cut out the middleman"                                                              ~ Billy Bragg, The Great Leap Forward :::::: You can have your own personal revolution any time you want. It doesn't have to be dramatic. Sometimes it can start with a murmur at the dawn of day. This week I started walking. For Continue Reading

Angels and Demons


If I was a time bomb I’d be set to self-destruct right about now. I’m battling my demons. It's pretty busy work. You have demons too, right? Papermachéd flesh covers my stony belly. The creaky valves of my heart chamber click in and out in a steady repetitive rhythm. My heavy lungs inhale oxygen. Reminding me I’m still alive. The thing is, Continue Reading

The Mirror Within

Girl in mirror

Body image is back in the media spotlight this week. A recurring theme that ebbs and flows in and out of our dialogue because of it's potency and proximity to our hearts. It was highlighted recently when a gossip columnist from the Sunday Telegraph made some comments about Masterchef winner Julie Goodwin's body. I'm fairly oblivious to what's Continue Reading

Your Body, Your Gift

Renoir The Bather

Your body. A mind-blowing miracle. An intelligent design. A sharp piece of machinery. A self-healing vessel. A house for your soul. A thing of beauty. It’s your gift. :::::: Fooled by its youthful resilience. We forget it's a gift. We become so brazen. We become invincible. We take risks. We pretend it's not Continue Reading