Fresh Air


It was timely. Changes happening in my life co-incided with a freshly broken blog. It was like my blog was begging me to give it some love. About two weeks ago my blog's commenting system imploded. It seemed my old design was incompatible with newer systems . The only way to fix it was to upgrade my blog design altogether. And why not? It's been Continue Reading

What’s Your Story?

candle 2

Everyone has a story. It’s a little light in our souls, like a flickering candle that keeps reminding us we’re alive. Some people are happy to keep their stories to themselves. And then there’s writers, artists, bloggers... the people who express their stories to the world. This time last year I read a blog post that gave me the balls to Continue Reading

Rescue Mission

Blog 137

February bulged at the seams. It bulged so much that the writing part of my brain didn’t have room to move. There was the usual busy stuff – like dashing around with my kids, paying bills, and trying to remember the birthdays of 8 important people in my life. (Because clearly they must be born all in the same month for no compelling reason). And Continue Reading


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“You’re not fresh.” Is that why no one read my blog today? “You’re 10 minutes ago. So yesterday.” But I only posted something yesterday. “It’s already old news. You’re only as good as your last post.” But I thought it was a pretty decent post. I avoided clichés. I wrote from my heart. Can you give me any ideas why only 4 people read Continue Reading

Going Anyway

In my 20's I travelled the world. I never baulked at jumping on a plane or planting my feet on unfamiliar soil. I had navigated hundreds of airports since I was a kid. I was a global citizen. It was second nature to me. I was fearless. Something changed when I got cancer 8 years ago. Cancer isn't just an event that happens for a few months while Continue Reading

What’s your price?

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What's your price? How about $10K for your soul? Higher? Lower? Does that soul come with batteries? Extra warranty? Truth is, your soul isn't as valuable to me as it is to you. Are you sure you want to part with it? Writing a blog isn't like selling your soul. Or is it? Sometimes it feels that way. Sometimes us bloggers take it way too Continue Reading

Getting Radical


I’ve come back from the Digital Parents Blogging Conference with a bounce in my step. The session that stood out a mile was ‘Blogging is a Radical Act’. Moderated by Catherine Archer, who is doing a thesis in ‘mummy blogging’, the panel of three were Eden Riley, Beth Macdonald, and Nathalie Brown. The only problem with this session is that it Continue Reading

A Magnificent Beast

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The Blogger is a magnificent beast. They don't have any distinctive markings. They don't have any unique mannerisms. I doubt you could spot them in a crowd. But if you get talking to them, they'll mention the B word. It's their passion. It's their thing. Some use it as therapy. Some use it to connect. Some turn it into a business. Some turn it Continue Reading

Good Riddance!

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For last year's words belong to last year's language. And next year's words await another voice.  ~T.S. Eliot This year. This dog of a year. I'll try not to make this yet another post about my terrible year. (You can click on that glowing link just there if you want the details). Suffice to say I'm giving 2011 a good hard kick in the Continue Reading

Writer’s Block

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Have you ever had writer's block? I've had a terrible case of it in the last weeks. It’s not because my head is congested with a terrible lurgi. It's something else. I think it may be stage fright. Just when I’ve finally created the blog I’ve always wanted, I'm suddenly paralysed by fear. It feels so beautiful and perfect in here... so Continue Reading