This Girl

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So what happens when your daughter turns seven? You celebrate her every breath. You celebrate her gentle walk upon this earth. You celebrate every beautiful thing about her. This girl! This girl has forged her unique identity in this world. From early on we realised her rejection of pink and princesses and dresses was a thing of beauty. Continue Reading

Little Lion Part 3

Jem Bday 2013 2A

If he was born a girl, his middle name would have been Honey. But he wasn’t a girl, he was boy. A boy with the look of an ancient soul. He was beautiful. And he arrived into the world roaring like a lion. He roared for a year. Then he bounced and leapt for another. He was so quick, and I was slow. Catching and holding the little lion wrung me Continue Reading

The Girl and The Tree


My husband and my daughter planted a tree together last year. It was her tree. It was gnarly bare all winter long.  And then surprisingly on a late winter’s day, it blossomed. On her birthday. There was something about that girl and that tree. All synced in an intangible chord of nature. From then on she called it her ‘blossom tree’. This Continue Reading

Not A Birthday Party


I feel like I’ve known her forever. I’m sure in a previous life we were mermaids, or French songstresses, or warrior princesses. One of the three. For sure. This is supposing I actually believed in reincarnation or such things, of course. In this life I’ve known her a long time. Nearly 20 years. Our stories have interlaced around each other Continue Reading

The Blossom Tree


Last summer they went out to the garden together. Just the two of them. They found a warm patch of black earth and began digging. It would be a home for the bare gnarly sapling in her tiny hands. “Can this be my tree, Daddy?” He didn't know why he hadn't thought of it before. "Of course it can be your tree." Every weekend she put on her Continue Reading



This girl. She’s a firecracker. She’s a siren. She's a bright vision. She's a shooting star. She’s the wisps of imagination. She’s the spiral of a storm. She's the words of an ancient muse. She’s sunlight. She's chiming bells. She’s tender fingertips. She’s whispers of grace. She heals me. This girl. She’s been Continue Reading

Digging for Fire


I wrote this for Edenland's Fresh Horses. If you were invited to a birthday party and the party-thrower had an open mic ready for you to say some of your favourite words, which ones would you choose? :::::: Finding the perfect words for the right occasion? It's like digging for fire. The Pixies were on to it. And I use it to describe my eternal Continue Reading

A Good Man


My Dad. Unique doesn't even begin to explain him. Let me try again: Honourable. Humble. Generous. Gracious. Confident. Eccentric. Hilarious. Clever. Other words that describe my dad: Without vanity. Without ego. Full of integrity. A good man. I'm thinking about him because today is his 70th Birthday. :::::: When Dad was 29 he took Continue Reading



Bad - U2 (video link) If you twist and turn away If you tear yourself in two again If I could, you know I would If I could I would Let it go Surrender Dislocate Bono speaks to me. In song. He has for 25 years now. I told a fellow blogger this the other day. I told them that Bono sang those words about her. I think he sang Continue Reading

Little Lion

Jem born 3 watermark 2

A year ago today you were born. Gently into water. Into my arms. Surrounded by the love of your family. At home. :::::: Can you see that whirlwind that just passed by? It is the thunderous year that circled us. And it trails off into history today. :::::: My heart broke as you screamed through the pain of your first few months. (Little Continue Reading