Little Lion Part 2

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The story will start with details too heavy for your tiny mind to hold. From the dark pit where I pleaded for your life and mine. Just moments before you split away from my body and first took breath. Up from the water, into the new morning. Surrounded by blood, and pain, and love. And an ache that would not go away. The story will roll Continue Reading

Little Lion

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A year ago today you were born. Gently into water. Into my arms. Surrounded by the love of your family. At home. :::::: Can you see that whirlwind that just passed by? It is the thunderous year that circled us. And it trails off into history today. :::::: My heart broke as you screamed through the pain of your first few months. (Little Continue Reading

A Birth Less Ordinary


Within the ordinary walls of our ordinary house, an extraordinary thing happened a year ago. I gave birth to my son. Early on a Sunday morning, after five and half hours of excruciating labour, I lifted my baby out of the water and looked into his eyes for the first time. He cried. And I bawled. It was a mighty fusion of relief and Continue Reading

Writer’s Block

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Have you ever had writer's block? I've had a terrible case of it in the last weeks. It’s not because my head is congested with a terrible lurgi. It's something else. I think it may be stage fright. Just when I’ve finally created the blog I’ve always wanted, I'm suddenly paralysed by fear. It feels so beautiful and perfect in here... so Continue Reading

Birth, Pain and Euphoria

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There’s nothing that gets me more stirred up than women who gloat about their pain-free births. This is often followed with a spiel about how it’s all about having the right attitude. Similarly I’ve heard sweeping generalisations about labour pain being bearable and manageable for all. Here's the problem: It's completely insensitive. There’s Continue Reading