The Truth Will Set You Free

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I spent Christmas Day in the company of 20 asylum seekers at my parent's home. Most had experienced years of incarceration, and endured hardship I can scarcely imagine. They fled situations of trauma only to be further traumatised by our government. The only thing is, I had my family there and they didn't. A few of them showed me photos of their Continue Reading

Beyond RU OK Day


How can you help people who are not OK? * Do more than ask the question "RU OK?" today. Ask it every day. Follow it up. Actually listen to the answers. Be prepared for the answers. I’m a supporter of  RU OK day. Any time our world brings mental health issues into discussion, I think we’re all better for it. But it’s important to be consistent Continue Reading

He Touched The Sea

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be incarcerated for 12 years? Imagine also that you are innocent of committing any crime. In fact, you’re the victim. This is what happened to a friend of mine. If I then tell you that he is an asylum seeker, does that change how you're feeling? Last week my friend was released. When I found out Continue Reading

A Good Man


My Dad. Unique doesn't even begin to explain him. Let me try again: Honourable. Humble. Generous. Gracious. Confident. Eccentric. Hilarious. Clever. Other words that describe my dad: Without vanity. Without ego. Full of integrity. A good man. I'm thinking about him because today is his 70th Birthday. :::::: When Dad was 29 he took Continue Reading

Advance Australia Fair?


"I struggle with celebrating a day that a bunch of 'boat' people came and took over a land - sorry to our indigenous brothers and sisters - and then now won't let any other 'boat' people come ashore - sorry to our refugee/ asylum seeking brothers and sisters. I'm still very happy to be an Aussie, just not as proud of it today". The above is a Continue Reading



Bad - U2 (video link) If you twist and turn away If you tear yourself in two again If I could, you know I would If I could I would Let it go Surrender Dislocate Bono speaks to me. In song. He has for 25 years now. I told a fellow blogger this the other day. I told them that Bono sang those words about her. I think he sang Continue Reading