Dreaming of Michaelangelo

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Saturn on a line A sun afire on strings and wires To spin above my head and make it right But any time you like You can catch a sight of angel eyes all emptiness and infinite And I dream of Michaelangelo when I’m lying on my bed I see God upon the ceiling I see angels overhead And he seems so close as he reaches out his hand But we Continue Reading

Angels and Demons


If I was a time bomb I’d be set to self-destruct right about now. I’m battling my demons. It's pretty busy work. You have demons too, right? Papermachéd flesh covers my stony belly. The creaky valves of my heart chamber click in and out in a steady repetitive rhythm. My heavy lungs inhale oxygen. Reminding me I’m still alive. The thing is, Continue Reading

All the Angels


At the still point of destruction At the centre of the fury All the angels, all the devils All around us can't you see There is a deeper wave than this Rising in the land There is a deeper wave than this Nothing will withstand ~Love is the Seventh Wave, Sting I debated long and hard about writing this post. Talking about Continue Reading