The Distance

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It's been just over a week since our Rosie died. When it was only a day, exactly a day to the minute, I was in the middle of putting dinner on the table and I couldn't stand the normality of our routine. The kids were loud, the lights were bright. This time yesterday the house was quiet and dim, and we held our Rosie on the couch as she Continue Reading

Her Last Day

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Death is at your doorstep And it will steal your innocence But it will not steal your substance But you are not alone in this You are not alone in this .... we will stand and we’ll hold your hand Hold your hand.                             ~ Timshell, Mumford and Sons Last night our beautiful dog Rosie died. I am Continue Reading

The Truth Will Set You Free

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I spent Christmas Day in the company of 20 asylum seekers at my parent's home. Most had experienced years of incarceration, and endured hardship I can scarcely imagine. They fled situations of trauma only to be further traumatised by our government. The only thing is, I had my family there and they didn't. A few of them showed me photos of their Continue Reading

Ten Years

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Ten years ago a bride woke up on her wedding day with a bruise the size of a grapefruit on her fore-arm. It was green and unsightly, but the long Juliet-sleeves of her wedding dress covered it up nicely. She thought the bruise was odd, but she soon forgot about it because she was about to step into the happiest day of her life. And it was. It was Continue Reading

I Won’t Forget September is Your Birthday

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My grandma was like a warm spring breeze. So refreshing and always ready to caress you. She would greet you at her front door with a trademark ‘Hull-ooooh!’,  followed by a squeeze so tight you almost felt your lungs would never recover. I adored being swept up in that exuberant love. The day my grandma died I said, “This morning the world seems Continue Reading


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Where are you now, Grandma? I see you softly drifting on the brink, curling into the filmy line between this world and the next. Today I said good-bye to you for the last time. Inadequate and impossible.  How does anyone express the enormity of a lifetime of love? The vastness of gratitude? All whittled down to tender whispers and gentle Continue Reading

I Am Not At War With Anyone

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If it wasn’t for her request the night before, we wouldn’t have gone. My four year old daughter wanted to go to an Anzac Day parade. I had not attended anything Anzac before. No soldiers in my family. No huge feelings of patriotism. And being a pacifist, I confess to not really being interested in anything to do with war - even past wars. Still, Continue Reading

Just Another Date

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December 10, 2003. There are details about that day that I can never forget. Like the way I sat in the haematologist’s office staring at the stupid little animal ornaments on his desk. Like the crooked angle of his polka-dot bow tie. Like the way he waffled on about diseases and then BAM!  The words kicked me in the guts and set my body shaking. Continue Reading

Permission to be Real


So here’s what I do. I explore the undercurrents. I’m a sonar in the depths. Picking up on the signals that no-one wants to hear or talk about. The despair, the pain, the misery, the gloom. Because that sort of talk is socially unacceptable. Because there’s a social pressure to avoid the undertow. Just look on the bright side!  And whatever you Continue Reading

Beyond RU OK Day


How can you help people who are not OK? * Do more than ask the question "RU OK?" today. Ask it every day. Follow it up. Actually listen to the answers. Be prepared for the answers. I’m a supporter of  RU OK day. Any time our world brings mental health issues into discussion, I think we’re all better for it. But it’s important to be consistent Continue Reading