To Begin

Bright new morning 2

Let it all uncoil. One word at a time. To begin again. To begin.  :::::: Here is my view right now. The first moment of stillness in months. Bright new morning. I’m sorry I’ve been away. I feel like I’ve been a sailor on the seas, and this is my first day on dry land. Legs are steady. I’ve had a good night’s sleep. Hello Continue Reading

Precious Thing

ash fairy blog

Today I went shopping in a big crazy shopping centre. Met up with a friend there and we had our kids in tow. One toddler each, one baby each. Towards the end of our outing my little girl wandered out of my sight. Just for a second. That was all it took. Maybe it was 30 seconds, I’m not sure. Time stood still along with my heart. She’s an Continue Reading

A Post about Nothing


I have a feeling that this is one of those Seinfeld posts... a post about nothing. No deep insights, no clever meanings, no heavy introspection. I'm going to spare myself (and you?.. whoever you are) of that kind of thing. I like the details. I think details should be celebrated. Today had some great details. Everyday ordinary Continue Reading