Motherhood and The Hardship Competition

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It’s no secret that being a mother can be tough. We’re all trying to nurture our children and do the best we can. Often the conditions are not ideal. It can be lonely, unrelenting and heartbreaking. (It can also be joyful, rewarding and rock you to the core... but more of that later). In my time of being a mother I have received a tonne of Continue Reading

Follow The Road

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Follow the road to where it catches the crisp curve of morning, easing to the right. Turn down the narrow lane, fumbling over gumnuts through the veil of dizzy jasmine. At the brink of the creek, take the widening path, past the old sad willow crying at the foot of the hill of praise. There you will find a holy breath in time. Where your heart Continue Reading


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For a year or two now my girl and I have been doing the "I love you all the way to the moon..." thing. You know, the tender bedtime whisper or the exuberant cuddly squeeze. Though very soon it was clear the moon was not enough, so we branched out to the planets. We got further and further out, until eventually we ran out of planets. What do you Continue Reading

Little Lion Part 3

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If he was born a girl, his middle name would have been Honey. But he wasn’t a girl, he was boy. A boy with the look of an ancient soul. He was beautiful. And he arrived into the world roaring like a lion. He roared for a year. Then he bounced and leapt for another. He was so quick, and I was slow. Catching and holding the little lion wrung me Continue Reading

Early Morning

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Early morning. His tiny hand finds mine across the bed. He holds it gently. "Mama". I'd like more sleep, but we get up. Just me and him. Taking little steps downstairs. He hops on to my lap and cuddles in. I plunge my nose into his snowy hair and breathe it all in. He asks for milk, and he cuddles in even tighter. The way he forms a Continue Reading

The Girl and The Tree


My husband and my daughter planted a tree together last year. It was her tree. It was gnarly bare all winter long.  And then surprisingly on a late winter’s day, it blossomed. On her birthday. There was something about that girl and that tree. All synced in an intangible chord of nature. From then on she called it her ‘blossom tree’. This Continue Reading

Peace Talks in the Mummy Wars

I’m not interested in who is right or wrong in the Mommy/Mummy Wars. I don’t think many of us are. Do you know what I’m most interested in? The big picture. The condition of our culture at this point in history. The social change percolating. The war is just a symptom of what’s going on. Where are we all going on this massive trip? Clearly Continue Reading

The Boy


As soon as I saw the ultrasound screen, I knew.  I didn’t need to wait for the sonographer to tell me. I could see it was a boy. Which meant it wasn’t a girl. And all I wanted was a girl. It was wrong to want a gender so badly, wasn’t it? A healthy baby was all you needed. I was lucky enough to already have a girl. Some people don’t get Continue Reading

This Girl


This girl. She’s a firecracker. She’s a siren. She's a bright vision. She's a shooting star. She’s the wisps of imagination. She’s the spiral of a storm. She's the words of an ancient muse. She’s sunlight. She's chiming bells. She’s tender fingertips. She’s whispers of grace. She heals me. This girl. She’s Continue Reading

Hero Girl


We curled in a ball. Like we do every night. Unravelling her day. Her favourite thing was the library. Nothing beats the library. Except the cinnamon donut she got on the way home from the library. Just as I turned out the light she said what she says every night. Mum, I’m going to dream about Superheros tonight. She can’t decide if she’ll be Continue Reading