A Deck – Renovations Part 2

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Before renovations we had the ugliest junk-filled patio in the universe. Hands down. We won. We completely admit responsibility for its demise. Yes, yes we do. But it was a rather uninspiring in the first place. Was it even a patio? There were those awkward steps down. There was that hot roof. And SO many cobwebs. And then when we had kids Continue Reading

The Epiphany of Home

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I’m popping in to give a quick update. Not my usual kind of post, but I am time poor and adventure rich. Let me attempt to recap how we ended up right here, right now. A month or so back I wrote about my longing for home. It was intense, melancholic, urgent. I had reached a mysterious indefinable limit. I didn’t realise it then, but I was so Continue Reading

The Pancake Artist

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I am married to a pancake artist. Like many dads, he likes to make pancakes for his kids on Saturday mornings. But lately he doesn’t make just your average pancake. All sorts of shapes have been adorning the plates. Cats, rabbits, dinosaurs, ninja turtles. Shapes designed to put smiles on our faces. A few weeks ago we were impressed with Continue Reading


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I'm a  lover of  sunlight. The way it illuminates the details. The way it heals a broken spirit. The way it arcs across the earth, into fields, into houses, into windows, into hearts. I never tire of observing it. Maybe that's why I'm a writer and photo-taker. I'm on a neverending quest to capture the light. I wrote about light in a post Continue Reading

Not A Birthday Party


I feel like I’ve known her forever. I’m sure in a previous life we were mermaids, or French songstresses, or warrior princesses. One of the three. For sure. This is supposing I actually believed in reincarnation or such things, of course. In this life I’ve known her a long time. Nearly 20 years. Our stories have interlaced around each other Continue Reading

Getting On With The Show

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Are you still here? I hope so. I’ve been away again. I can’t tell you how many times I sat down in the last few weeks and willed my brain to type a post. Blank screen. Every time. Unbloggable events continue to unfold in my life. But I think I’m slowly emerging from this funk. Even if I could legally write about the truth, some of it is too Continue Reading

Me versus The Unicorn


Me and the unicorn. We’re not friends. I've never liked them. No offense to any unicorn lovers out there, it just never has been my thing. Maybe the idea of them wasn't sold to me as a kid. Maybe I read the wrong books. Besides, they always seemed a bit scary to me. Not friendly horses. EVIL horses. That horn of theirs could do some helluva Continue Reading

Festivus for the Restivus


Every Christmas Mr G threatens to launch into our own version of Festivus. It seems to follow a grumpy slump around the end of November. Or perhaps it coincides with my sudden shopping frenzy and the need to take endless Christmas photos of our children. I don't blame him for wanting to escape the madness of Christmas. In our family Christmas Continue Reading

Writer’s Block

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Have you ever had writer's block? I've had a terrible case of it in the last weeks. It’s not because my head is congested with a terrible lurgi. It's something else. I think it may be stage fright. Just when I’ve finally created the blog I’ve always wanted, I'm suddenly paralysed by fear. It feels so beautiful and perfect in here... so Continue Reading