The Best Of 2012

December 31, 2012

Blog Kiss 2

It’s the last day of the year and I’m feeling all reckless and reflective. And why not? So prepare yourself for lashings of self-indulgence and a dash of nostalgia.

I had one big goal for 2012 – and that was to refine the hell out of my writing. And I’m secretly pleased with how I went! Pumping out creative posts every week is no mean feat. And with time and illness being the monsters that competed, perhaps I’m the only one who knows how miraculous it was that I even wrote a word.

I have my favourite posts. Some of them curl up into my heart and refuse to leave. My sentimentality takes over and I end up housing them all like a crazy cat lady.

It surprised me however, that none of my favourites made it to 1st place in the Most Read Posts of the year – a completely arbitrary accolade I made up from my stats. In fact, the number 1 place-getter was a really ordinary post in my memory! Can you guess which one it was?

Bright and Precious 2012 Top 5 (according to the stats):

1. To Leunig

2. Real Mean Wear Skirts

3. Who are You?

4. Blossom Bomb

5. Life Ache

And number 2 was also a surprise. Who knew that a post about men wearing skirts could bring so much traffic? (And it still does… nearly every day I get the search term ‘I am a man wearing a skirt’… )

Blossom Bomb is my little baby. Not only did I love it from the moment I started writing it, but it also took me places – even if only figuratively. I was so thrilled it was the reason I was given a BlogHer Voice of the Year honoree award.

Despite what my stats say, here’s my favourites from 2012 (I hope you liked them too!):

1. Who are You?

blog angel






2. Blossom Bomb







3. Wild Bear







4. Hero Girl







5. Little Lion Part 2

Blog birth1






6. Be Alive







7. Fields of Gold







8. Finding It







9. I want to Run







10. That Moment







Writing and blogging aside, there were other goals and other important things brewing throughout the year too. Personally, it was another doozy of a year. I’m not sure how many more of them I can keep producing?! But it was a stepping stone I had to hop on… it will get me to the next one. Hopefully I’ll get to the other side of the pond soon. And when I get there I’ll look back and probably see how lovely and shiny that stone was.

I have mighty plans for next year. I’m rubbing my hands together as we speak. It will be the first year since having children where I can start reclaiming time and space for myself. I’m so bloody excited about it. It’s like I’ve grown wings.

And finally, thank you dear readers for reading. Your feedback and your presence here has been fine company to keep. I hope you will come back for another year!

Many adventures await. Who knows where we’re going? But there are certainties… It will be bright, hopeful, hilarious, bold, soulful, crazy, and real. And most of all it will be precious. Because every year is precious.