The Best Of 2012


It's the last day of the year and I'm feeling all reckless and reflective. And why not? So prepare yourself for lashings of self-indulgence and a dash of nostalgia. I had one big goal for 2012 - and that was to refine the hell out of my writing. And I'm secretly pleased with how I went! Pumping out creative posts every week is no mean feat. And Continue Reading

And Christmas Was

Blog 034

And Christmas was the sweet breath of sleeping children, and the hush of the Eve as presents were softly placed under the tree. Christmas was the knot of excitement upon waking, the sheer bliss on their faces, the squeals, and their joy being as complete as mine. Christmas was the chopping of potatoes, the stuffing of a bird, and the Continue Reading

The Lion, The Unicorn, and Me

Improved 017

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. Please tell me I'm not the only one? There’s definitely much love. I don’t lack in Christmas spirit – because I truly love the good stuff. But the hate part is the pressure. You know, the pressure to buy presents, to cook food, to send cards, to be somewhere. Coupled with that is the madness of Continue Reading

Just Another Date

Blog Remission

December 10, 2003. There are details about that day that I can never forget. Like the way I sat in the haematologist’s office staring at the stupid little animal ornaments on his desk. Like the crooked angle of his polka-dot bow tie. Like the way he waffled on about diseases and then BAM!  The words kicked me in the guts and set my body shaking. Continue Reading


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She carries a pearl In perfect condition What once was hurt What once was friction What left a mark No longer stings Because grace makes beauty Out of ugly things                                    - Grace, U2 I sway between hope and despair hourly. I wish I was a consistent person. I wish I was positive ALL THE TIME. But I feel Continue Reading

Wet Dog


Somewhere just after midnight the first thunder shook the house. It woke a man, a woman, a four year old child, and a medium sized dog. The baby slept. The whip crack of lightning lit up the room for a split second. The dog paced nervously. She was a sweet soul. A happy whippet. She was made of gentleness, with a teensy weensy bit of silliness Continue Reading