I wanted to scrawl these words on the toilet door of the shiny new building. To christen it. To bring a scrap of reality. But I’ve never been cool enough to graffiti. Or witty enough. And out of respect for Olivia Newton-John, I didn’t. It was her building. And I was grateful to her for donating it to the hospital. I also wanted to scrawl them Continue Reading

Climbing the Hill


Climbing the hill. Wind whistling through my ears. Pulling me higher. Each foothold more slippery than the last. The winter sun slices through me as it hits the ground. It crashes into a million pieces of light, reflecting off the hill like a giant beacon that no-one will see. Nearly there. Heart pumping. Bones shaking. Staring down the Continue Reading

Angels and Demons


If I was a time bomb I’d be set to self-destruct right about now. I’m battling my demons. It's pretty busy work. You have demons too, right? Papermachéd flesh covers my stony belly. The creaky valves of my heart chamber click in and out in a steady repetitive rhythm. My heavy lungs inhale oxygen. Reminding me I’m still alive. The thing is, Continue Reading