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There was a little patch in the garden. Empty soil. Right next to the bare fence. When I looked at it from the kitchen window I felt the bleakness of winter seep into my bones. I bought two plants one day. Red camelias. I wanted to see rich crimson flowers when I looked out. Colour of blood. Colour of love. I dug the holes. I put the plants Continue Reading


Splash blog2

“You’re not fresh.” Is that why no one read my blog today? “You’re 10 minutes ago. So yesterday.” But I only posted something yesterday. “It’s already old news. You’re only as good as your last post.” But I thought it was a pretty decent post. I avoided clichés. I wrote from my heart. Can you give me any ideas why only 4 people read Continue Reading



Within the walls of this house lies a secret world. If I had set up a camera to take time-lapse pictures inside our home every day for the last four years it would show a house steadily imploding with clutter. Now it stands like an ancient city. Hidden under layers and layers of matter. Layers and layers of time. Each layer reveals splinters Continue Reading

Fields of Gold


When the song began to play she stepped nervously into the spotlight. Long hair tumbling. She remembered she was his bride. And she glided with the Fields of Gold down the aisle. When it came time to speak she fumbled through the stickiness of every word. She skimmed past them, hoping to avoid the depths. When it was his turn, he breathed in Continue Reading

Who are you?

blog angel

I’m writing to you from down here. Down here is where angels and infidels meet. There’s a party going on. Come on in. There are mermaids, rock stars, and quirky townspeople. There’s a wild wind, a house by the sea, and a cat sleeping curled. There’s the scent of sandalwood and candlenuts somersaulting in the air. It’s so easy to get lost Continue Reading

Hero Girl


We curled in a ball. Like we do every night. Unravelling her day. Her favourite thing was the library. Nothing beats the library. Except the cinnamon donut she got on the way home from the library. Just as I turned out the light she said what she says every night. Mum, I’m going to dream about Superheros tonight. She can’t decide if she’ll be Continue Reading

Going Anyway

In my 20's I travelled the world. I never baulked at jumping on a plane or planting my feet on unfamiliar soil. I had navigated hundreds of airports since I was a kid. I was a global citizen. It was second nature to me. I was fearless. Something changed when I got cancer 8 years ago. Cancer isn't just an event that happens for a few months while Continue Reading