Finding It


When I was 17 I believed some lies. I believed that George Michael was straight. I believed that diet soft-drinks were good for me. I believed that spiral perms were necessary. I believed that boys would never like me. I believed that I wasn't clever. I believed that I shouldn't dream too big. And I believed that I nothing valuable to say. It Continue Reading

Do You Remember?

A memory emerges, naked in the luminous light. Warmly unfolding as fresh as the moment it first happened. I have many of these kinds of memories. Beautiful and crisp. When they are triggered in my brain it’s like mellow wine entering the bloodstream. They differ from the run of the mill recollection of details. Or the quaint or the comical.  The Continue Reading

Me versus The Unicorn


Me and the unicorn. We’re not friends. I've never liked them. No offense to any unicorn lovers out there, it just never has been my thing. Maybe the idea of them wasn't sold to me as a kid. Maybe I read the wrong books. Besides, they always seemed a bit scary to me. Not friendly horses. EVIL horses. That horn of theirs could do some helluva Continue Reading

I Want to Run


I want to run. Headlong in to the wind. Into the far mile of my dreams. Into the open arms of wildness. Where it whispers to me, Set your spirit free. I once met wildness. It hit me when I turned at the cliffs. Where land swept down to frothing sea. The jagged edge of Ireland. Tucked deep into her winter Continue Reading

Wild Bear


When she was born I became a wild bear. She was my cub and I’d do anything to protect her. I guarded her day and night in the dark woods. It was then that it suddenly made sense. That my mother was a wild bear once too. Though her dark woods were so bleak and scary that I struggle to imagine how she did it. My mother raised her cubs in Continue Reading

Getting Radical


I’ve come back from the Digital Parents Blogging Conference with a bounce in my step. The session that stood out a mile was ‘Blogging is a Radical Act’. Moderated by Catherine Archer, who is doing a thesis in ‘mummy blogging’, the panel of three were Eden Riley, Beth Macdonald, and Nathalie Brown. The only problem with this session is that it Continue Reading