Advance Australia Fair?


"I struggle with celebrating a day that a bunch of 'boat' people came and took over a land - sorry to our indigenous brothers and sisters - and then now won't let any other 'boat' people come ashore - sorry to our refugee/ asylum seeking brothers and sisters. I'm still very happy to be an Aussie, just not as proud of it today". The above is a Continue Reading



Bad - U2 (video link) If you twist and turn away If you tear yourself in two again If I could, you know I would If I could I would Let it go Surrender Dislocate Bono speaks to me. In song. He has for 25 years now. I told a fellow blogger this the other day. I told them that Bono sang those words about her. I think he sang Continue Reading

Speak Your Truth

Take a Nap

For as long as I can remember I've been a truth seeker. Truth seeking keeps my blood pumping. It's my oxygen. It's also a curse. Because it leads me to truth telling. You see, truth seeking is the easy part. Truth telling can be like walking a knife's edge. It can be liberating and dangerous all at the same time. I wrote those last two Continue Reading

The Mirror Within

Girl in mirror

Body image is back in the media spotlight this week. A recurring theme that ebbs and flows in and out of our dialogue because of it's potency and proximity to our hearts. It was highlighted recently when a gossip columnist from the Sunday Telegraph made some comments about Masterchef winner Julie Goodwin's body. I'm fairly oblivious to what's Continue Reading

Awesome Cheese


This is a follow up to my last post 'Extreme Cheese'. After talking about how tough and exhausting it is to parent my children, I thought I needed to communicate the much more positive side to it. There is so much about my baby boy (my 'extreme cheese') that I feel positive about. I am amazed by him and I adore him. So if it's not the first Continue Reading

Extreme Cheese

gate boy 2

I was at a party where a bunch of mothers were talking about the different personalities of their kids. One lady described her two as "chalk and cheese".  I was asked about my two. My answer?  "Mine are like cheese and extreme cheese". Having high-spirited children is like most things in life; a blessing as well as a curse. And depending on your Continue Reading