Your Body, Your Gift

Renoir The Bather

Your body. A mind-blowing miracle. An intelligent design. A sharp piece of machinery. A self-healing vessel. A house for your soul. A thing of beauty. It’s your gift. :::::: Fooled by its youthful resilience. We forget it's a gift. We become so brazen. We become invincible. We take risks. We pretend it's not Continue Reading

Little Lion

Jem born 3 watermark 2

A year ago today you were born. Gently into water. Into my arms. Surrounded by the love of your family. At home. :::::: Can you see that whirlwind that just passed by? It is the thunderous year that circled us. And it trails off into history today. :::::: My heart broke as you screamed through the pain of your first few months. (Little Continue Reading

A Birth Less Ordinary


Within the ordinary walls of our ordinary house, an extraordinary thing happened a year ago. I gave birth to my son. Early on a Sunday morning, after five and half hours of excruciating labour, I lifted my baby out of the water and looked into his eyes for the first time. He cried. And I bawled. It was a mighty fusion of relief and Continue Reading