Lucky One


Today was my yearly check-up. The one where I drive all the way back to that familiar hospital, where the smell of the carpets, the walls, and the soap in the toilets are all imprinted in a corner of my memory that I can't get rid of even if I wanted to. The one where I'm reminded that I once had another life, where doctors watched my every Continue Reading

Birth, Pain and Euphoria

Jem birth b&w watermark

There’s nothing that gets me more stirred up than women who gloat about their pain-free births. This is often followed with a spiel about how it’s all about having the right attitude. Similarly I’ve heard sweeping generalisations about labour pain being bearable and manageable for all. Here's the problem: It's completely insensitive. There’s Continue Reading

Peace on Earth


Peace on earth. It sounds like a throw-away line, an unattainable utopia, a tired old cliché. But I’m beginning to believe it isn’t that far out of reach. One of the reasons why I write so passionately about parenting is that I am blown away by its importance to peace on this planet. When I became a mother three years ago, I was struck Continue Reading

Thomas and Ponies & all those sexist myths


It was music to my ears when my very-close-to-being-three year old told me she wanted to wear undies... that she was “ready”. In fact, I think I heard a fanfare in my head. I have not pressured her to start toilet training, but secretly I’ve been hoping it happens soon. Especially since baby boy came along 8 months ago. Double nappy maintenance Continue Reading

Healing Touch


I lie my creaky bones down on the bed. Long day catching up with me. Long year catching up with me. What’s the matter, Mummy? I explain that I’m very tired so I’m going to bed early with her and the baby. My body is so sore that I begin to cry. Are you sad? I didn't mean to scare her. I’ll be kind to you. It’s something Continue Reading

Good-bye Baby Girl


It hit me like a tonne of bricks today. My little girl is not a baby anymore. I’ve known this for awhile. But it still hit me. Miss Nearly Three spent her first day at child care today. First day ever in the care of someone else who is not a friend or family. It may not sound like a big deal to some. But it was a huge deal for Continue Reading