A Pair of Red Clogs

red clogs 1new_picnik

I am seven years old. In the still of afternoon, I stop. The scent of frangipanis hovers at the door. Heat sticks to the windows like gritty oil. I sink into the cool corner of the library. Essence of ink on musty paper. Just me and the book. I am lost in the story. A little girl in Japan. Shopping with her mother in the twilight. Streets Continue Reading

Shout Shout Let it all Out


I am becoming the mother I never wanted to be. The mother that shouts at her children. Yelling and shouting at my kids, in my opinion, is unacceptable. In all my efforts to connect with them and parent positively and gently, this is my stumbling block. But it happens. And lately, far too often. Last week my temper boiled over every single Continue Reading

Dear Bono


A letter I wrote back on May 10th. Sorry, Bono - a belated birthday message to you. Dear Bono, Happy Birthday! I know you don’t remember my birthday or know who I am. We’ve met a handful of times but our conversations never get finished. You’re a busy man, I know. All that rock n’rolling and orchestrating world peace. I’m quite busy these Continue Reading

On Courage


I’ve been thinking a lot about courage. Maybe because right now I really want some. Need some. I'm not talking about bravery. I think there's a sublte difference. I'm not talking about a soldier or a hero. I'm seeking plain old every day personal courage. It's a word that seems to have lost its zing. It pops up in clichés and platitudes so Continue Reading