The Tremendous Twos


I really dislike the term ‘terrible twos’. It makes me feel like my child has suddenly become an unruly brat. When people, well-meaning as they are, say to me “Ah, the terrible twos” in reference to Miss A doing something irrational, I do my best to bite my tongue. I’ve taken to saying, “She’s not terrible, we love the twos”. What I really Continue Reading

Cow Invasion


“Anyone can be pleasant until a cow invades their garden”. This is one of my favourite quotes from a book of Celtic Wisdom. Right now it feels very apt because a gigantic cow has invaded my garden and I’m becoming extremely unpleasant! Funnily enough, at this point in my life when I am breastfeeding two children I’m feeling very much like a Continue Reading

Food Angel

muffin blog

I've lost my cooking mojo. It’s gradually been diminishing since having my first child, but almost non-existent since the birth of the second. In the fog that is often referred to as ‘mother brain’, I am trying to remember when I last enjoyed it. Or perhaps losing it is ironically a symptom of mother brain. Or perhaps I missed out on a Continue Reading

If I had time I would start a blog


I've been putting off starting this blog due to being a pedantic procrastinating perfectionist who has 'no time'. And if I wait for the ideal conditions to appear at an ideal time in an ideal world then clearly this blog would not get written at all. So here I go. Writing mainly for me, but my friends are invited to share the journey Continue Reading