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I’m about to have surgery tomorrow. I’m nervous. Unspeakably nervous.

It’s a sinus operation. Fairly routine. But with all surgeries there are risks. And the recovery from this surgery is not pretty. I’m trying to think positive thoughts, but my overactive imagination is working back to back shifts.

With my history of medical procedures you’d think I’d be used to this. But no. It doesn’t get easier. Instead of building up resilience, the opposite has happened: erosion. I’m an empty pit.

I’m also a mother now. I have two extra reasons to be alive. I have two extra responsibilities to keep. I have two extra bodies to warm me at night. And damn it, this kind of vulnerability is a slippery stone I carry.

So here I am planning my weeks ahead. Thinking that after tomorrow I will be sunk. For awhile. In true mother fashion I have written lists. Organised for help. Planned food. Reminded everyone of what to do.

It’s not that my husband is incapable, in fact he’s very very good at doing things. But you take out the mother and the ship starts to sink. I’m the keeper of the knowledge, you see. The knowledge that is tricky to pass on. Little things that smooth our voyage. Like the way the 3 year old likes his toast to be spread. The knack of knowing it’s time for his favourite show to start on TV. The ability to find the 5 year old’s lost treasures around the house. The gift of interpreting her mis-said words. The instinct to pull up her blankets in the middle of the night. Where the nail clippers are kept. Where their zoo collection is kept. How to rub their backs when they are hurt.

I am not indispensible, but I know my crew like no-one else does. And mother love keeps us sailing better.

So here I am. Letting go. Trusting my helpers. And hoping it’s not so rough on the flip side.

Send me your good thoughts, virtual cups of tea, positive vibes and prayers – whatever you have to give. I’ll welcome it all.




This is a story about a small out-dated creamy cream kitchen that turned into a modern, light and beautiful space.

I don’t know where to start when describing our old kitchen. It was dank and poky. The adjoining dining area was a thoroughfare. And the floors were an unsightly grey-beige lino. Perhaps I’ll let the pictures do the talking. (And bonus, you get a glimpse at our chaos factor too!)

Blog 020Blog 036 Blog 018The transformation of this space was the most radical part of our renovations. The plan was to swap the kitchen and dining locations, add a walk-in pantry, move the stairs, and cut out a couple of walls here or there.

Sometimes in life its better to start all over again. Nothing better than a good gutting!

Blog 1486

It felt like we had bare walls for an eternity. It probably wasn’t that long, but I equate the bare walls stage with the mice stage and I’m afraid my irrational fear of vermin peaked at an all time high. I got all twitchy at the thought of another night of mice. I confess, I’m still a bit traumatised.
Blog 1635

The day we got plaster I was so happy I almost cried. NO MORE MICE.

Blog 2756

A new wall went up where the stairs used to be.

Blog 2758Meanwhile the bi-fold doors were installed out to the new deck. And the new dining room (old kitchen) got a bigger window. More light! More light!

Blog  2745

The wall between our living area and the kitchen/dining was cut out. Cabinets in, and I could finally imagine the kitchen taking shape.

Blog 2826

Walls painted. Sink and oven installed.

Blog 3079

On New Year’s Day we finally got to use our kitchen just a little bit. No more cooking in the bathroom!

Blog 4100

In January the splashback and the lights were installed. In February the floors were sanded and stained. (And we vacated our house for a week during that time).

Which brings us to now. Today our kitchen is… well, it’s perfect. Perfect for us.

Blog 041

Blog 2 114

Blog 2 157Blog 2 117

I sacrificed half of my laundry for a massive walk-in pantry. Worth. It.

Blog 2 111

This is the wall where the stairs used to be. I asked our builder to put a window at the top of it because I wanted the hallway on the other side to get some light. And also because it was going to look fabulous. Of course he said yes! He loved a challenge.

Blog 029
I love the red. Gosh, how I love the red.

Blog 2 070

Blog 026

The new space opens up so beautifully to our deck. I love the sweeping views of our garden.

Blog 051

Blog 2 080

Most of all I love how this has become such a positive space.

Blog 2 121Blog 2 138
It’s amazing what a renovation can do to lift your spirits. All the problems of real life might not magically go away, but a fresh space makes us feel better every morning. And better mornings have a good chance of turning into better days.




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March 19, 2014

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A Deck – Renovations Part 2

March 16, 2014

Before renovations we had the ugliest junk-filled patio in the universe. Hands down. We won. We completely admit responsibility for its demise. Yes, yes we do. But it was a rather uninspiring in the first place. Was it even a patio? There were those awkward steps down. There was that hot roof. And SO many cobwebs. […]

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December 31, 2013

For a year or two now my girl and I have been doing the “I love you all the way to the moon…” thing. You know, the tender bedtime whisper or the exuberant cuddly squeeze. Though very soon it was clear the moon was not enough, so we branched out to the planets. We got […]

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December 10, 2013

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Little Lion Part 3

November 8, 2013

If he was born a girl, his middle name would have been Honey. But he wasn’t a girl, he was boy. A boy with the look of an ancient soul. He was beautiful. And he arrived into the world roaring like a lion. He roared for a year. Then he bounced and leapt for another. […]

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October 19, 2013

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