This Girl

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So what happens when your daughter turns seven? You celebrate her every breath. You celebrate her gentle walk upon this earth. You celebrate every beautiful thing about her. This girl! This girl has forged her unique identity in this world. From early on we realised her rejection of pink and princesses and dresses was a thing of beauty. Continue Reading

The Butterfly Wall

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There is a wall on a building on the other side of the city. It is covered in a mural of butterflies and cocoons. It bursts with colour and life. We've been going to this building quite a bit lately. We go there for appointments to get some help for my boy. He's struggling a bit in life. And I'm his mum, so I do all I can do to help him. He's Continue Reading

Bali Food Tour

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Candlenut, tamarind, palm sugar, cloves, coconut and lemongrass. These heavenly flavours rock my world. They are the essence of Indonesian cuisine. Here's a little secret. People think I go to Bali for the warm weather and the delightful hospitality... but just between you and me, it's all about THE FOOD. I could eat Indonesian food every day Continue Reading

Bali Part 4 – I Dream of Jimbaran Bay

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When you're travelling with younger kids your holiday priorities change a little. One thing my kids really wanted was beach time. One thing I really wanted was a bit of luxury. And a rest... what parent doesn't want a rest?! Years ago I wouldn't have been fussed about luxury. But now I'm a tired mother who just wants to be pampered. I also want Continue Reading

Bali Part 3 – The Soul of Nature

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Right down the road from the Monkey Forest, on the edge of rice fields, in a quiet little corner of Ubud, lies a villa that I would return to in a heartbeat. Alam Jiwa is its name. Alam Jiwa means 'soul of nature' and it reflects the philosophy behind this retreat. It belongs to a family of small villa hotels where harmony with nature is valued. Continue Reading

Bali Part 2 – For the Love of Ubud

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Ah Ubud. It's got everything I love about Bali: art, culture, cafes, spas - all surrounded by luscious valleys and rice fields. This part the story marks when we moved from a stunning villa just outside of Ubud to another villa much closer to town. We thought it would give us a chance to explore Ubud at our leisure. Having said this, we Continue Reading

Bali Part 1- Welcome to Paradise

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It’s been a year! A whole year since we went to Bali! It was magic. It was a perfect family holiday, yet it was much much more. It was a return to the land of my birth and childhood. I loved sharing a piece of my history with my husband and kids. I wrote about my pilgrimage in a post called A Sort of Homecoming but I never wrote about Continue Reading

The Distance

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It's been just over a week since our Rosie died. When it was only a day, exactly a day to the minute, I was in the middle of putting dinner on the table and I couldn't stand the normality of our routine. The kids were loud, the lights were bright. This time yesterday the house was quiet and dim, and we held our Rosie on the couch as she Continue Reading

Her Last Day

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Death is at your doorstep And it will steal your innocence But it will not steal your substance But you are not alone in this You are not alone in this .... we will stand and we’ll hold your hand Hold your hand.                             ~ Timshell, Mumford and Sons Last night our beautiful dog Rosie died. I am Continue Reading

This Great Adventure – The Lion King Edition

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This life is a great adventure. This is how we live: Seize opportunities. Follow passions. Choose colour. Love hard. Just go! When I heard the Lion King was coming to Melbourne I didn't hesitate to buy tickets. I believe in prioritising big life experiences. And I had an inkling that this experience would be imprinted in my children's memory for Continue Reading